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Reopening FAQ's

If I have an expired slot ticket can I cash it out?

Slot tickets may be cashed-out if they are dated after February 17th 2020. Any tickets dated before this date would have been expired prior to our shut-down. Considering the circumstances a slot supervisor may be able to review your ticket and provide more information.

If I was not able to play and earn points toward my tier status will I be downgraded in July?

No. All Player’s club members will remain in their tier levels for the remainder of 2020. Upgrades will take place beginning one month after reopening and will continue until December. The next re-qualification will take place in January 2021.

If I had a birthday offer from March that I was not able to use will I be able to transfer that to another venue now that you aren’t opening the buffet?

The buffet offer will be replaced with free play at the Players Club after they verify the offer that was previously on the account. You will want to visit that desk for eligibility as this is only valid for offers that had been sent out during the month of March.

Will you continue to run the promotions that I earned entry tickets for in March?

No. We will begin new promotions and entries earned on slots the week of the shut-down will be manually entered for any promotion in the month of re-open upon guest request and per the accrual rules of the March feature promotion (Lucky Loot).

What if I purchased tickets for the Spinners concert that was scheduled in April?

All transactions that were made with a credit/debit card have been returned to your account. You should contact your financial institution to inquire if you have not seen this process. If you