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We’ve Got Your Number!

Grab your daubers and catch the Bingo bug at Little Creek Casino Resort. America’s favorite game reaches new levels of excitement when you play Bingo in the Skookum Creek Event Center.

Feel the anticipation mount as we call number after number and you draw closer and closer to a huge payout! Chose Little Creek and enjoy fun-filled themed Bingo events and participation discounts. Our friendly team members are always on hand to assist new and veteran Bingo players. Keep your eyes on your Bingo board and get ready to shout it loud and proud... BINGO!

Bingo Event Details

Bingo is a monthly event where the dates & times vary. Please keep checking here for infomation on upcoming Bingo events.

Bingo Dates & Events

Daubin For $$$

September | 9th & 10th

Come join us September 9th - 10th, as we host the LARGEST Bingo tournament in the Pacific Northwest!

Daubin for $$$ will be a 2 day Bingo Tournament with a total of 64 games and a payout of $165,000.00

  • Game 1-6: Early Birds, worth $400
  • Game 7-8: $1,199 with a 2nd chance of $500
  • Game 9-10:  Double Action worth $1,199 with a second chance of $1,199
  • Game 11-29:  Daubin for $$$ worth $2,000 each game
  • Game 30-32  $25,000 black out with a second chance of $10,000 and a third chance of $5,000

Buy-in Online or at the Players Club:
Buy-in Starts at: $175
Hotel Package - $355: Includes initial Buy-in and two night stay in Hotel

Friday, September 8th: (Pre-Registration)

  • 10am-8pm:  Seat numbers, vouchers, and complimentary gift available for pick up in Keno Lounge
  •  Daubin in the Dark starts at 8pm (Not included in Tournament Buy-in)

Saturday, September 9th:

  • 7am - 11am:  Doors Open for Late Registration
  • 10:30am:  Early Bird Session 
  • 11:30am - 12:45pm:  Daubin for $$$ Main Session
  • 12:45pm-1:30pm:  Break for Lunch
  • 1:30-3pm:  Daubin for $$$ Session

Sunday, September 10th:

  • 7am - 10am: Breakfast Pastries Available in Event Center
  • 10:30am - 11am:  Early Bird Session 
  • 11:30am - 12:45pm:  Daubin for $$$ Main Session
  • 12:45pm - 1:30pm:  Break for Lunch
  • 1:30pm - 3:00pm:  Daubin for $$$ Session

Game Machines:

Pack #1
4 Get 2 Free
Pack #2:
8 Get 3 Free
Pack #3
12 Get 5 Free
Pack #4
16 Get 6 Free

The Buy-in will include: 1 (6-on) Daubin for $$$ pack, 1-Double Action, 1 (3-on) $25,000 for each day. Machines can be purchased separately, and are not included in the $175 Buy-in.

See Players Club for More Information.